Social Media Metrics

Social Media Metrics

Awareness: these metrics illuminate your current and potential audience.
Engagement: these metrics show how audiences are interacting with your content.
Conversion: these metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of your social engagement.
Consumer: these metrics reflect how active customers think and feel about your brand.

  1. Brand Awareness
    Brand Awareness is the attention your brand gets—across all social media—during a reporting period, or a specific span of time that yields statistically relevant data.

Attention can be expressed through a variety of social media metrics, including @mentions, shares, links, and impressions. Reporting periods are also variable, usually lasting a week, a month, or a quarter.

How to track it:
STEP 1: Determine the attention metric(s) your organization wants tied to brand awareness.
STEP 2: Determine the reporting period your organization wants tied to brand awareness.
STEP 3: Be consistent. Consistency ensures that you’re benchmarking trends with accurate, dependable data.

2. Audience Growth Rate
Audience Growth Rate measures the speed at which your brand’s following increases on social media. It’s how quickly you gain followers.

As access to the internet continues to increase around the world, brands’ social media followings will also increase.

  1. Post Reach
    Post Reach denotes how many people have seen a post since it went live.

This metric is easy to find and even easier to understand. Most importantly, it’s actionable, since it’s affected by the timing (i.e., when is your audience online?) and the content (i.e., what does your audience find valuable?) of your post.

How to track it:

STEP 1: Measure the reach of any given post.
STEP 2: Divide the reach by your total number of followers and multiply by 100 to get your post reach percentage.

  1. Potential Reach
    Potential Reach measures the number of people who could, realistically, see a post during a reporting period.
    Understanding this metric is important because, as a social marketer, you should always be working to expand your audience. Knowing your potential reach enables you to gauge your progress.
  2. Social Share of Voice (SSoV)
    Social Share of Voice measures how many people are mentioning your brand on social media compared to your competitors.

Mentions can be either:

Direct (e.g., “@indiatemples”)
Indirect (e.g., “indiatemples”)

How to track it:
STEP 1: Measure your net new followers (on each platform) over a reporting period.
STEP 2: Divide your net new followers by your total audience (on each platform) and multiply by 100 to get your audience growth rate percentage.

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