Top 10 Important SEO Trends 2019

Top 10 Important SEO Trends 2019

The trends of technology will be changing every year and it is very important for the digital marketers to stay updated on the latest trends to satisfy their customers.

Understanding Audience
Know about your audience, understand his requirement, what he prefer, text or images or video or audio. As understanding audience is going to be more important in 2019.

Though your site is perfect and optimised, it will not reach high rankings in the search engine if it is targeted the wrong audience.

So, the experts recommend SEO specialists to conduct a target audience survey along with the keyword research for optimal results. By knowing your audience expectation, you need to give them the best results.

Voice Search
By 2020, web browsing is expected to go screen-less. The half of all online traffic will be coming from spoken queries. I can only imagine what kind of futuristic technology will eventually come to replace voice search. Can you?

Google established that voice-activated web queries in 2014. Google claims that every 5th mobile device query is conducted by voice.

The rising use of smart home devices and digital assistants, users will likely use features like “Voice Search” more often in 2019.

Mobile First Index
Mobile devices are upgrading day by day and the search engine is concentrating on mobile, as the mobile users and increased.

In the year 2018, Google finally rolled out their mobile-first index. The websites are now ranked based on the quality of UX they provide on mobile devices.

If your site has mobile and desktop versions, then the index adds the mobile one and if there is only the desktop version, it gets indexed the same as normal.

Beyond Google Search
Though google dominates in all aspects of search engine ranking, but you also concentrate on other platforms like Amazon and YouTube.

If the user are searching for apps, you need to rank in app stores and if they are searching for podcasts or videos, you need to rank there. You need to rank where the user searches.

Now a days strong brands are becoming multi-faceted, ranking more than just in websites. Strong SEO professionals need to do the same thing.

Quality Content
2018 Google algorithm revealed that Google is focusing on content quality and at the depth and breadth of a website’s content.

As the Content is always the king of digital marketing. You has to a create content that solves a problem – content that moves, motivates, and connects with people.

The assessment of SEO performance of different sites reveals that websites with high-quality content saw better rankings when compared to those with weak written material.

Structured Data
Use structured data whenever possible, as structured data is becoming more important now a days. As SERPs continue to evolve, Google is using more data than ever.

With AI becoming important, it is expected that Google would want to move from a mobile-first landscape to an AI-first world.

In order to easily meet the changes, the SEO experts need to understand and utilise structured data for an improved ranking.

Featured Snippets
The featured snippets will be playing an important role in 2019. The snippets will fulfil the user’s query or demand.

They snippets are the paragraph excerpt perched above the more classic blue-linked listings on the SERPs, often appearing in response to a query.

The featured snippets occupy a spot on the page that’s come to be known as 0th place or position zero. Sliding right into one of the featured snippets means getting your SEO airtight.

Machine Learning
Machine learning is the artificial intelligence AI technology that Google deploys to process and organise its multitudes of search results.

Machine Learning is a powerful tool which one should implement in their daily SEO practices. RankBrain is the one of the Machine Learning Tool.

The experts recommend machine learning in 2019 and predict it to enhance search engine rankings significantly.

Technical SEO
Technical SEO is a complex of website designing and it is becoming major area of investment in 2019. So, invest in Technical SEO.

The technical SEO includes the speed of a website, JavaScript, and progressive web apps. These key areas are to be focused in 2019.

Since Google rewards the website that fulfils the requirements of technical SEO; developers should ensure that all criteria’s are met with perfection.

On-Page Optimisation
On-page optimisation will continue to have more importance in 2019. There will be incredible results from on-page SEO tactics.

The key on-page optimisations include :
creating content for common user queries.
Ensuring that searches are providing relevant results.
Shortening conversion process.
Customer support responds instantly
Ensuring customers are provided the history of their commonly purchased items
Users are easily able to navigate website
Making use of chat-bots to streamline the customer support.
Creating a user-friendly fulfilment funnel by producing short, to the point process forms.

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