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Top 10 apps that kill Android smartphone’s battery

According to security firm AVG these 10 Apps are the biggest culprit to your Android Smartphone’s battery life.

Gaming app Candy Crush Saga tops the list as it uses more battery, storage and data consumption, so better try to avoid this App.

The second app on the list is the popular online game Pet Rescue Saga. This App is rated as a big drain on all three fronts — battery, storage and data consumption.

The third app on the ‘notorious list’ is ‘Clash of Clans’.  This is a popular war gaming app it is a huge battery drainer.

The fourth App is Google Play Services. According to AVG, the app’s battery, storage and data consumption is high

The Fifth APP is India’s very own free classifieds app, OLX.

The Sixth App is the world’s top social networking app Facebook. The app too is said to be a huge drain on Android smartphone’s battery.

The seventh App is WhatsApp , This Messaging App is a big battery hog to your Android smartphone’s battery.

Eight App is the popular mobile security app Lookout Security & Antivirus. This app promises to protect your smartphone from viruses, malware and hacking attacks. This App is another huge battery drain.

Ninth App is weather & clock widget, it is the biggest battery-draining app.

The Tenth App that Kills Android smartphone’s battery life is the popular gaming app Solitaire.


By Hari Babu Digital Marketing Trainer

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