tips for sucess in digital marketing

Tips for success in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing or Internet marketing widely used in marketing is developing rapidly along with technology. To remain successful in the market one has to adapt the changes and follow the trend.

Following are the tips to be successful Digital Marketer

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Planning a strategy and implementation: Plan as per current trend of the market or target what actually the customer needs.
Being a step ahead of business competitors is a must to follow. Generating more profits with less marketing costs is essential in Digital marketing.

Redirecting the customers to website: Approximately 2%-3% first time visitors turn to paying customers in digital marketing. Redirecting the missed customers is the art and science of digital marketing. Create back links to your website from other website. Target the customer to purchase the product or service. Creating ads related to your website to attract customers offering a special deal.

Social media advertisements: Ads appear in the content where more clicks are generated. Display of ads on right side may not attract attention of customers so this is very good idea of increasing click rate.

Possess a Mobile website: Highly advantageous for digital marketing. In 2013 15% of revenue of eCommerce sales is through mobile devices. Reason is people prefer to shop online through web when they are on move. This is a encouraging factor to invest in mobile website.

Social Networks : Using Social networks like linkedin, twitter, Facebook will help you for high conversion rate but can be expected in the long term.

By Hari Babu Digital Marketing Trainer

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