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Ten Important Considerations for Social Media and Digital Branding

Social media is essentially a two way conversation with your clients. There will be feedback of every form and you need to be prepared to deal with it.

Social media is not a channel for hard selling. Build relationships through it and cultivate them instead.

Social media does not exist in isolation. All components involved in brand building (PR, advertising Social Media)need to work together for it to be effective. It all comes down to integrated campaigns.

If you are trying to get the decision makers in your organisation to appreciate social media, try to understand the challenges faced by the organisation and identify how social media can help achieve those objectives.

For digital marketing have a very clear content strategy. Try to focus on relevant and engaging content in the process.

The half in half out approach does not benefit your brand. Invest in  Social Media and Digital Marketing wholeheartedly and take it seriously.

For small businesses and startups social media provides a huge opportunity to build a common interest communuty around your service or Products you sell so take  it more seriously.

Some times  Social media is not relevant for some business. Where it is not relevant eg. B2B entities, there’s no need to have a social media strategy or focus less on this.

If you are getting outside help for social media and digital strategy carefully consider who you partner with. You need to be riding with a partner that understands how to navigate this because it has a huge impact on your brand.

Be fully commited when you do social media and digital marketing . Social media isn’t effective if its executed in half measures.

By Hari Babu Digital Marketing Trainer

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