Ten best SEO Tips to improve Search Ranking

Ten Best SEO Tips to improve your Search Ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps you to increase your search rankings; it helps to improve your website viewpoint from search engines as well as your visitors. Read these top best SEO tips to improve visitors to your website and ranking in search engines.

Content is the King

The most important feature of your website is Content, if your content is of low quality nobody is going to visit your website or share with the world for what you are offering. Remember good content will be widely read and widely shared by others often on your customer’s websites creating excellent link building opportunities for your website. Your content must be Unique, Informative and free of excessive keywords used solely to garner search spider attention. Try to place your target keywords effectively.

Keyword Research

Keywords are vital for SEO, it is bad to use too many keywords, but that does not mean you have to stop using them, Collect best list of most commonly searched keywords and key phrases in your niche by using Google keyword planner tool. (Login to Google Adwords) Once you sort best keywords scatter them throughout your content, place them in headlines, and sub headings. See that your keywords are placed naturally.

Use Meta Tags and Descriptions

Write informative Meta titles and descriptions for all the Webpages your target. Meta tags for useful in attracting human reader’s attention in search results page. Make them friendly to human readers, don’t just list keywords.

 Pick a comfortable niche

Sticking to niche limits your audience but also limits your competition. When you deal with general subjects they make your work harder and you need to deal with stiff competition. Do a proper research in your niche and place your target keywords wisely in your website.

Stick to SEO Friendly URL’s

Create search engine friendly URL’s, Check that every page of your website has a distinct and SEO Friendly URL that describes what the page is about in few words.

www.haribabu.in/seo/tips5?=143 ( Bad URL )

http://www.srihithatechnologies.com/digital-marketing-training-in-hyderabad.php  (Good URL)

Image Attributes

Search Engine Spiders can’t analyze images well if  related text is not included , Images offer an excellent SEO Boosting opportunity as we have image search features on Google and other search engines like yahoo and bing.  Save your image with your target keyword and write ALT tags for images.

Social Media Sharing

Allow visitors to share your websites to major social sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin and Google plus, Install social media buttons on every important page of your website.

These social sharing buttons will make your readers to share your Web Pages to their friends and their social network.

Build Internal Links

Connect your important pages of your website to your home page. Create internal link building effectively connect WebPages in a hierarchical or text based hyperlinks.  Create sitemap this will help search engine spiders to index your website better and faster.

Build External Links:

Generate Back Links to your website, external back linking helps your website ranking if done in a proper method.  Post links to social sites, find guest post opportunities and ask for link backs to your website.  When generating back links ensure that those links are not a “nofollow” links.  Links with nofollow attribute are generally ignored by search spiders. Even though nofollow back links generate traffic to your website they don’t have credibility points from search engines.  Back linking should be quality work not a quantity work

Avoid duplicate content and flash

Search engines ignore duplicate WebPages, and they can read only text present on the WebPages they are not capable of analyzing flash and image files. Avoid flash based site navigation and don’t create content in image form.

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