Scope and Different Ways in Conducting E-Business

Scope and Different Ways in Conducting E-Business

E-Business is defined as Conducting of Business Transactions Over Electronic networks instead of Manual Paper Work. E-Business include managing internal process such as human resource, financial transactions and administration system as well as external process such as sales and marketing , supplying goods and services and customer relationship.

E- Business Activities

Business Intelligence
Information System

Website Marketing, Email Communication with customers, Online Training for Staff, Use of Internet for conducting research and managing daily business activities, Providing after sale service through online comes under E-Business Activities.

From Traditional Business Model we are moving towards E-Business Model. E-Business and E-Commerce are not Synonyms. E-Business is a Broad Concept which also includes E-Commerce.

E-business Includes all the activities of Production, Product Development, Finance, Human Resource Management and Buying and Selling of Products. E-commerce Restricts itself to Buying and Selling of Products.

Scope Of E-business

E-BUSINESS can be conducted in many models.

Business to Business Model– All the Business Interactions which are done from One Business to Other Business Organization. Hiring an Advertising Agency , Communication with Suppliers of Raw Material through Online Mode. Also when Any Organization takes orders from Distributors who are selling the products, Business organization taking Loans from Bank Such activities come under Business to Business Commerce. Here Orders and Payments are done Electronically.

Business to Customer Model– Here Business organizations connects with its customers. Organizations using computer network sending email communications or Marketing Products through blogs or websites comes under business to customer. Example Flipkart , Redbus or any Online Shopping Websites.

Customer to Customer Model– Here Business transaction or interactions are done between customer to customer, Classified websites and Forums are best example for Customer to Customer.

Intra Business Model – Interaction between different departments with in the Organization Comes under Intra Business Model . ERP Software’s like SAP , Oracle Etc.

Business to Employee Model – Work from Home is the best example for this model. Where Business organization delivers work through online and can hire employee from different locations. saving office space and operational cost.Discussion done through tele conferencing or Video Conference. Flexible in timings

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