how to register new business in india

Registering the Company – Pvt. Ltd or Public Limited Company

For Registering a new business in India there are some official procedures to follow in order to register them in Indian official records.One don’t need to visit corporate office for registering, you can apply just sitting at home.We can get a legal license for our business.

For Registration of a company we must follow rules and some registration like Digital Signature Certificate(DSC), Director Identity Number(DIN) and filing for an eform.

Four Major steps for Registration :

  • Acquiring Digital Signature Certificate(DSC)
  • Acquiring Director Identification Number(DIN)
  • Filing an eForm or New user registration
  • Incorporate the company

Four reasons for registering your Company :

  • To Protect our Company
  • To promote Product/Service
  • To Raise Money
  • For Legacy

Company registration will have two options:

  • Private company
  • Public company

The main differences between Private and Public companies are:

Board members required for a private company is two and for a public company is seven.

Private company can have maximum of only 50 members, but a public company can have any number of members.

A private company can start its business as soon as it is incorporated but the public company shouldn’t start its business till it receives business commencement certificate.

Private company shouldn’t sell it’s shares or shouldn’t make any invitation to people regarding a company shares, but a public company can invite people to buy it’s shares by issuing a prospectus.

Private company may have two directors, but a public company must have at least three directors.

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