How to make high Quality Website?

High quality website is one that is relevant and useful to customers. Spending more money doesn’t guarantee you a high quality website. There are many important points to keep in mind for developing a high quality website which can rank in search engines and generate relevant traffic to your website.

When you develop a website and show to 2 individuals one may judge as high quality website and other may judge it as low quality website. More over how individuals judge a website is entirely different to how search engines judge your website.

To develop a high quality website check if your website qualifies below mentioned points ?

Is your website professionally designed?

Is the text clear and easy to understand and read?

Is the content in your website free from grammatical mistakes and spellings?

Is your website free from broken links and 404 errors?

Is your website free from Malware and viruses?

Are you regularly updating content in your website?

Is your website free from hidden text, doorway pages and cloaking?

Does your website avoid unnecessary registration and data collection?

Is your domain name representing your business name?

Did you mention full contact address and phone numbers?

Is your website interesting to bookmark and share in social networking sites?

Does your photos, videos and graphics in your website of high quality?

Is it simple to operate and logical to navigate?

Do pages in your website load in less than 5 seconds?

Is there a reasonable balance between content and ads in your website?

By Hari Babu Digital Marketing Trainer

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