How to create a Mobile Friendly Website,

How to create a Mobile Friendly Website

Search engine optimization is the practice of design and customization of pages and content to increase the relevance of the search engines and to grow the traffic on your website.

Not have a mobile friendly website may be causing you to lose customers and potential customers who abandon your website when they try to view it on a mobile device. Standard web sites are not made to fit on a smart phone and do not provide a good user experience, even if they are ‘mobile responsive, To properly view information on your website, you should have a mobile optimized version of your website, Without a mobile friendly website, information is skewed and some parts may be unavailable on the screen.

Since Google’s overall goal is to provide a faster and smoother experience for users of mobile devices, it makes sense that Google would want to raise the standards and set benchmarks for basic minimum requirements for delivering these results.websites that are not mobile-friendly present a frustrating experience for visitors. The font is usually too small to read as is, which means that the reader has to manually make adjustments and enlarge the screen then scroll back and forth. Most people are not willing to take the time to do that, even if the content appears to be informative and interesting.

Search Box : As Mobile Devices are smaller navigating website on a small device is not easy, keeping a search box makes users easy to retrieve relevant results faster and boost user’s website’s mobile experience.

Goal Conversion: Designing a website with clear and visible call of actions on the top part of your mobile friendly website helps you to achieve your goal , Mobile friendly website makes users find what they are looking for right away.

Avoid Unnecessary Content: Identify your customer need properly; This will help you to create a website that serves their needs. Do not cluster your pages with unnecessary content, focus on what makes your customers happy. Mobile users go away from your website if it is complex to navigate.

 Use a Visible Phone Number: According to Google Mobile Playbook, 48% of mobile searches end up calling a store and 29% make a purchase. This underlines the importance of having a visible phone number with a click to call function.

 Landing Page Optimization: If you sell products online make sure you optimize mobile friendly website with a landing page. Your design should be friendly to user to identify the dimensions of the product.

Competitive Analysis: Identify your competitor’s website, it will give you many ideas on how to design your site mobile friendly. Don’t  limit yourself to your own industry also check other  industries as well to find unique ideas that will help you get ahead.

Learn From Analytics : Once your mobile website is live and running take data from Google Analytics to decide what elements are week and need to be optimized. This allows you to make changes to the website and analyze the impact they have on the business performance.

By Hari Babu Digital Marketing Trainer

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