Disadvantages of E-Business

As we know there are many advantages of e-commerce business. But there are also disadvantages of e-commerce business or e-business compared to traditional business. There are disadvantages both for the buyer and the seller.

Disadvantages of e-business

Quality of Products
E-business lacks the personal touch. We cannot touch or feel the product. So it will be difficult to check the product quality. There is no guarantee of the product.

On time Delivery
After you buy it, it takes time for the delivery of the product in online business. Customer may not get the product on time in emergency.

Bad Sites
Any one can easily start a e-business, with any good or bad products. There are many sites which may eat up customer’s money.

Impatience Customer
Sometimes the customers can be impatience. They expect quick respond, otherwise they go for the other sites.

Customer Privacy
There is no privacy in online shopping. The credit card and mailing information has to be provided during shopping. Which may lead to card fraud and theft.

Customer Loyalty
In e-commerce business, there is minimum chance of direct customer to company interactions. So the customer loyalty is always on a check.

In e-business, there is a risk from hackers. There are many hackers waiting for the opportunity to attack on eCommerce site, service, payment gateways.

Sales Tax
In Online shopping, sales tax is also one of the issue for the buyers and sellers located in different locations.

By Hari Babu Digital Marketing Trainer

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