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Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing has fewer interactions with its customers, Traditional Marketing need to be better planned and it takes longer time as they use methods as letters, Phone Calls and Emails.

Digital Marketing relies mainly on the internet for communications and many of the interactions are public. In digital marketing clients can join in conversation in different times and respond immediately to their queries.

In traditional marketing responses occur during working hours, but in digital marketing many companies maintain people on various shifts. So customer’s request or feedback will get a response within one day or two days.

One of the largest differences between traditional and digital marketing is the scope of each strategy. Traditional marketing uses fewer resources, and because of this, the audience will be very specific and targeted. Although digital marketing does see some targeting of its audience, the content is largely available to the public as a whole, significantly increasing its scope.

Even though digital marketing is becoming popular these days, traditional techniques still have their place. Customers tend to be used to these advertisements, and they are also excellent for reaching local audiences. In addition to the increased scope of digital marketing, the increase in interaction makes it more desirable for many companies. Additionally, it makes it much easier to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Although digital marketing is gaining in popularity, most companies are still using both strategies, with a slight emphasis on  online digital ads.

Traditional Marketing and digital marketing techniques are used to attract qualified customers and build brand awareness; these techniques help to meet successful marketing results.  By combining digital and traditional marketing, you put the right ad in front of the right people and give them a reason to visit both your website and your physical store.

By Hari Babu Digital Marketing Trainer

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