Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs

Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs

žFamily Pressure: Entrepreneurs face pressure for job security , Not being able to find good matrimonial alliance if one owns his own business.

žžPoor Infrastructure Facilities : This is huge hurdle to distribution network, scarcity of electricity, transport facility.

žžPersonal finance risk : uncertainty in success.

žBureaucracy : Running  from one table to another, from one department to another to get necessary permission.

Many times investors are hesitant in investing in a women centric organization. And the women find it uncomfortable speaking openly to an investor.žThis is because a lot of times investors do ask sensitive questions that are generally not asked.” if you get married will it affect your work life, will you be able to reach your targets. žOnly few Women are able to man age home and business effectively. Educational levels and co operation and backup from husband and family members is very week.

žSenior entrepreneurs not willing to encourage and share knowledge to juniors.