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Institutions for women Entrepreneurs in India

Women Entrepreneurs

Institutions  for women Entrepreneurs   SIDBI   žSIDBI stands for Small Industries Development Bank of India. It is a national level institution which extends facilities for growth of small scale industries. This organization has introduced two special schemes for small scale industries by women. Mahila Vikash Nidhi Mahila Udyam Nidhi žThese 2 special schemes for […]

5 Steps to be a Entrepreneur

5 steps to be an entrepreneur

5 Steps to be a Entrepreneur žFirst you should write your basic idea , Understand do you want to market product or service. Think 100 times till you are satisfied with “how this can add value to a consumer” žDo some research on search engines on similar products or service and learn all possible aspects. […]

Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs

NABARD is an autonomous organization. The primary objective of NABARD is to provide liberal credit facilities to women entrepreneurs. The followings are some of essential characteristics of NABARD on liberal credit to women entrepreneurs. It is launched to provide finance to SHG. It provides facilities on resources and training in NGO Formation. It arranges training from bank official on formation of SHG. It provides refinance to bank against lending to SHG

Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs žFamily Pressure: Entrepreneurs face pressure for job security , Not being able to find good matrimonial alliance if one owns his own business. žžPoor Infrastructure Facilities : This is huge hurdle to distribution network, scarcity of electricity, transport facility. žžPersonal finance risk : uncertainty in success. žBureaucracy : Running  from one table […]

Skills Required by Entrepreneurs

skills required by entrepreneurs

Skills Required by Entrepreneurs Planning: Entrepreneurs must be able to develop business plans to meet goals in various areas like finance, production, sales, marketing etc. Communication skills: Entrepreneurs should be able to communicate, explain, discuss, sell and market their product or services. Marketing Skills: Entrepreneurs must develop good marketing skills which are critical to entrepreneurial […]


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Entrepreneurship is willingness to take risks and develop, organize and manage a business venture in competitive global market place that is constantly developing. Entrepreneurs are pioneers, leaders and inventors. People who are thinking to start their own business must really be aware that successful entrepreneurship involves much more than having a great concept. Entrepreneurship is […]