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Bright Future for Digital Marketing consultants in India

India’s Internet services and devices industry has potential to increase its contribution to up to 3.3 per cent to India’s gross domestic product by 2016, a report by McKinsey & Company.

According to McKinsey report “The Internet currently contributes a modest 1.6 per cent to India’s GDP in line with most aspiring countries. This could grow to 2.8-3.3 per cent by 2015, if India achieves its potential for growth in the number of Internet users and Internet technology related consumption and investment over this period,”.

Bright Future for Digital Marketing Consultants in India
Bright Future for Digital Marketing Consultants in India


This would increase Internet’s contribution to GDP from $30 billion now to nearly $100 billion in 2015. At present, India’s information and communication technology ( ICT) exports are the most significant component of the Internet’s impact on GDP but private consumption and investment from private and public sector have greater potential to grow in the future, the report said.

India with a user base of 137 million users is the world’s third largest Internet market and is poised to have up to 370 million users in 2016.

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