Disadvantages of E-Business As we know there are many advantages of e-commerce business. But there are also disadvantages of e-commerce business or e-business compared to traditional business. There are disadvantages both for the buyer and the seller.  Disadvantages of e-business Quality of Products E-business lacks the personal touch. We […]

Advantages of E-Business E-Business or electronic business is the business that is done electronically, using information and communication technology. E-business is conducting business via internet.  Every Businessman is looking for an online store as the need of eCommerce industry is increasing. E-business is growing globally day by day like […]

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a method of efficiently utilizing people, hardware and software to increase productivity and profit, thus simplifying a company’s business processes. ERP may include many software applications or a single (but more complex) software package that smoothly disseminates data required […]